Learn While Traveling

We combine the methodologies of active and service learning in our game changing travel programs, while providing our participants the opportunity to exist safely outside of their geographical comfort zone, since 2013.

Our travel programs offer more than just the experience of a trip; they represent a once in a lifetime journey that actively challenges the mind and body to adapt to new environments, interact with other cultures and languages, recognize own your abilities, and modify unhelpful behaviors.  You’ll do this while working as part of a team, learning together how to apply this new knowledge in real-life, everyday scenarios.

Travel Programs to Peru

Private groups of no more than 15 people can travel to Lima and Cusco, Peru and participate in one of our coaching programs that includes Service Learning and Active Learning components.

We take student groups, community organizations and teams of all walks of life on customized journeys every year. Travel with us and discover more about yourself! All participants must be 18+ And your group must also bring teachers/chaperones from your school/organization to supervise.

January  & Febuary

Lima  – Cusco – Machu Picchu – Cusco –  Lima

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