Born through a mutual desire to use our combined experience in youth outreach, coaching, and environmental conversation, DNTULimit’s mission has evolved over six years to create adventure and service-learning programs with the intention of reconnecting youth to nature, while encouraging personal growth through our carefully developed coaching exercises, which we perform on public land.

Diversity Is Important to Us

These students come from diverse communities all around the North Shore like:

  • Lynn
  • Lawrence
  • Salem
  • Fitchburg
  • Worcester
  • North Shore

and range in age from These students come from diverse communities all around the North Shore like: 7-18 years old.

Each Summer, we are able to facilitate between 4 and 6 Student Groups per year having a chance to access and learn outdoors (Goal: 6-10 student groups) for an average of 100 hours spent learning in nature each summer program season.

Our clients currently choose from Program options on dry land and on local public waterways such as: Winter Island, Ipswich Audubon, and Sandy Point State Reservation. The goal is to offer 8 programs next year.

This Summer

As COVID- 19 has forced us to make some changes, in addition to our regular programming goals, we’re also committed to keeping our students healthy and safe by raising money for added protections like:

  • Providing more transportation vehicles per group to abide by social distancing guidelines.
  • Providing each student with hand sanitizer, a face mask, and a reusable water bottle at the start of their program.
  • Keeping a supply of water safe shoes on hand for students unable to afford the extra costs.
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