What are the TRIO Progams?

TRIO programs are federally funded Dept.  of Education programs that provide college prep and summer school to kids in underfunded school districts. Each summer across New England, students take part in four week summer programs at participating partner universities to prepare them for the college application process and to bridge the gap in certain subjects. Upward Bound and Gear Up!

How have we worked together in the past?

DNTUlimit provides summer programs to TRIO  around New England. We receive groups of students at our Bio Outdoor Center for team building exercises on land and in the water. We also bring students to do adventure activities in State parks and wildlife sanctuaries across Massachusetts.

How We Can Help Now

Throughout the past few years of getting to know Upward Bound at SSU, we have been lucky enough to work with their students both at our site and on the Ipswich River. Our team is dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with our students groups as funding for extra activities becomes more scarce. We want to be able to provide discounted experiences to TRIO programs in New England who are dependent solely on DoE funding.

Join Our Community

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