Together We Can Protect Our
Eco Systems and Native Species

Service Learning

We engage with pressing environmental issues by collaborating with other like-minded organizations to show people of any age how to find sustainable, responsible, and proactive solutions for modern life in a variety of workshops and service projects designed for any level of experience.

In school Workshops

Students learn the basics of environmental stewardship with fun, in class activities and demonstrations. Recommended for ages 8-13.

Off-Site Learning

Students experience a high impact lesson about a nearby ecosystem, presented in partnership with other local environmental groups. recommended for ages 8+.

Service Projects

Engaging in a complete act of service to the environment, as with our Landscape Reclamation efforts. Often including significant physical exertion, recommended for ages 12+.

Volunteers rehabilitating New England wetlands

Rehabilitation + Recovery

When noxious and invasive species take over an area, they take up space and nutrients and negatively consume energy, time and money. We use the fundamentals of permaculture to naturally remove and direct these species without negative repercussions by reestablishing the natural balance and keeping the landscape intact. We help to improve your land by restoring and recovering regional wild species. By reclaiming overrun parts of your landscape, we help to protect the health of your local ecosystem and improve our environment.

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