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Adventure Learning

Our learning methods actively involve young adults by guiding them to pause, process and react to different scenarios and to apply what they have learned in challenging situations that they will experience in the real world.Our programs offer students the chance to work independently and collaboratively to complete tasks, solve problems, and support one another as they are challenged safely out of their comfort zone.

In-House Land Dynamics

We challenge all participants to respond as a team with elements on land and train them to develop common bonds and enrich their skills. ages 8 +

Off-Site Land / Water Dynamics

We raise the difficulty of the learning processincluding safety preparation to find the right balance between elements on land and in the water that will improve our abilities as individuals and development as a teamin various state parks and conservation areas. age 14+

Water Dynamics

A safely guided program that prepares each participant to challenge their ability to manage and organize themselves and their team in challenging scenarios on the water. They will discover unexpected and incredible results that they will be able to take with them.age 14+

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