The DNTU Limit Team

We are a team of coaches, scientists, entrepreneurs & innovators, sharing knowledge and experiences to find what works best and more interested in making a positive impact in our community than we are in profit. We are deeply committed to the notion that our planet belongs to all of us, and our decision to implement a sliding scale fee schedule is a direct reflection of that philosophy.

Samoel S. Exebio – Founder

He received his coaching certification from George Mason University in Leadership Coaching for Organizational performance through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and certifications in Team Building / Outdoor Educator Training / Active Learning / Cooperative Learning / Service Learning / challenge course management from the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and currently a psychology student at North Shore Community College.

In the past, Sam worked as an entrepreneur on the first version of DNTUlimit in 2004 and over 10 years as a leader of logistics and development of international groups working with different travel associations and non-profit organizations around Central and South America. By supporting entrepreneurship, Sam has over 20 years using logic and experience to dedicate his time to generate a space where people can find the balance between internal communication and executing actions.

Emily Melden – Founder

After graduating from George Washington University, a lot of soul-searching, travel, and learning a second language, she has spent the years since graduating learning about permaculture and environmental health to better our communities at large. Emily wants to reverse environmental destruction, take back personal responsibility for our health and bring native species back to regional forests and communities.

She believes that the earth itself will not be healed until each individual shifts their mindset and behaviors into a collective human responsibility to take care of each other.